Hall of Fame

The nominations for the 2013 Purdue University North Central Athletic Hall of Fame class have been submitted and completed for this year. Stay tuned to hear more details on the Class of 2014.

Inductees by Year:

Class of 2013:
Chris Schultz
Jessica Brannagan
John Selman

Class of 2012:
Tom Albano
Chris Stocker
Terry Polk
Val Minyard


Class of 2011
Dale Alspaugh
John Weber

Steve Georgion
Jordan Dehaven


Class of 2010
Michael Pickering

Class of 2009
James Dworkin
G. William Back
Larry Blake Jr .
Edwin Shinn
Joseph Shinn
Paul Shinn
Class of 2008
Paul Gillikin
Rusty Hardsock

Class of 2007
John Coggins
Steve Hart
Jean-Ann Morton
Jamison Smith 


Class of 2006 (Inaugural Class)
Ed Bednar
Larry Blake Sr.
Jerry Lewis